Wish List

Old or New.. We could use!

Surge protectors with battery backups (especially during those stormy summer-in-Florida months!)
Picture and poster frames of various sizes (while we still have wall space)
black milk crates
(so useful for sitting, carrying, stacking, storing, performing)
IPADs (for GOLD in Motion animation)
External hard drives for backing up videos (we have LOTS of videos)
Laptop capable of video editing
(or maybe, a laptop capable of moving faster than molasses)
Small corner units for storage of tall items
(...tall like mops and brooms. We need a portable broom closet.)
Tower fans (take up less space)
Canon DSLR lenses for videotaping
Other videotaping equipment accessories like gimbals, SD cards for video
 Computer for audio and video editing
Portable sound system (for expansion*) 
microphones and mic cords
(yes, we have them, but they wear out)
*As we expand our offerings, a single IPOD and single sound system will limit our opportunities to share with the community.
A one-story location with bigger audience space and a private parking lot?
A rural location (Redlands?) with room for the studio (a big house with 2 bathrooms?), additional space for a tiny house or RV, outdoor room for campfires, gardens, running, climbing, playing, rehearsing, singing, relaxing, conversation, reflection, etc.
Doesn't hurt to ask and share a dream, right? That's how we got started in the first place!

Maybe it is just laying around in the garage, the attic or a spare room.

Want to help but don't have any of these items? We thankfully accept cash donations via the paypal button.

We have ongoing needs for program printing, office supplies, printed t-shirts, etc.

We also have ongoing needs for maintenance and upkeep (such as piano tuning).


Want to join our member area?

 We are developing a section in our member area where members may offer and request items for any private use.  Something to give away or something you need? Share it first within our community. 

Personal Personnel Persons

 We also have needs that come and go for help. Want to volunteer?  Here are some ideas:

painting, cleaning, decorating, sorting, repairing, filing, selling

 help and instruction in social media and advertising

help and instruction in writing, editing, proofing

 music, drama and dance instructors

instrumentalists, composers

 photography and videography instruction and assistance