Vessels of GOLD 2020-21


Angelic Hernandez is 18 years old and is a senior in high school. This is her fourth and final year in Vessels of GOLD. Angelic has been a competitive swimmer for 10 years and will be swimming at Gardner-Webb University in the fall. Angelic is also the Chrysos director and directed Nuggets of GOLD previously. Angelic is so thankful for her time as a performer and director and is so happy to be performing alongside such incredible people. Though this season of reflection has been bittersweet, she is so happy to be performing and hopes you enjoy the show as much as she does! 


Kristen is 18 years old and a senior in high school. This is her second year performing with Vessels of Gold but has been involved in musical theatre since she was a little girl and would put on Christmas shows for her family. Aside from performing, Kristen has a love for Jesus, singing/songwriting, horseback riding, and animals. After graduation, Kristen plans to continue perusing a degree in education. This being her last year in Vessels of Gold, Kristen is extremely grateful for this second family she has become a part of and hopes you enjoy the show!


Andrew De Paula is a 13 year old 7th grader. This is his first year in vessels of gold and he has loved every moment. He enjoys the finer things in life such as guitar, drawing, being an athlete and video games. He hopes the show entertains, inspires you and most of all, fills you with joy.


Grace is 16 years old and has had so much fun participating in her forth year with vessels of gold. Growing up around the studio she developed a love for performing. She has assisted in writing multiple skits this year and has directed nuggets of gold, (talents unleashed youngest group) this past spring.  She’s extremely proud of all the other cast members and hopes you enjoy the show.


Sophia is 15 and this is her first year in Vessels of GOLD. She participated in Vessels Vault for two years and was a founding member of Acts of GOLD. She loves acting and one day wants to make a career as an actress. She hopes to stay part of TU as long as possible. She hopes that you see all the work that has been put into making this performance and she hopes you enjoy it!


Samuel Arias is 16 years old and is in his first year of Vessels Of Gold. Samuel loves music; that involves singing, dancing, and making original songs. This year being his first year in theatre altogether, Samuel has had great fun learning how a show is put together and has gained a deeper respect for his fellow friends. Samuel is exited to perform and hopes that everyone enjoys the show.


Caleb Porch is sixteen years old and is a junior in highschool. This is his second year in Vessels of Gold and his third year with Talents Unleashed. He enjoys skating, playing Basketball, and hanging out with friends. He hopes you enjoy the show!


Nico is 16 years old and is currently a junior in high school. This is his first year with Vessels of Gold. In his spare time, he enjoys making videos and editing them alongside his friends. This being his first year, he hopes that you enjoy the show!


Kayla is eighteen years old and is a senior in highschool. This is her second year performing with Vessels Of Gold, but she has been acting with Talents Unleashed for six years. She has had the privilege to participate in many other groups with Talents Unleashed, she is a founding member of Vessels Vault, has performed in Memories Of Gold, and has directed Nuggets of Gold. When Kayla is not in rehearsal or on stage, some of her favorite pastimes include playing the guitar, singing worship songs, listening to music, and hanging out with her friends and family. Her goal is to use the gifts God has given her to glorify His name, and she hopes that you are blessed by the show!


Jake Inguanzo is 16 years old and this is his 4th year in Vessels of G.O.L.D. Jake is a seasoned performer who has been apart of the Talents Unleashed community for the past 10 years, being practically raised in musical theater. Throughout his life, he has grown a passion for music in several ways. Two years ago, he dedicated his mind to learning how to play piano because of his love for jazz. Then this past year, he taught himself to play guitar and has been producing his own music for a few months. He is thankful for the many opportunities Talents Unleashed has given him and hopes you enjoy the show!


Kaciah is 15 years old and is in the 10th grade. She has been part of Talents Unleashed for 7 years. For those 7 years, she has done a variety of things: dance classes, piano, voice, and guitar lessons, Chrysos, Vessels Vault, several summer camps, and finally, this is her first year in Vessels of G.O.L.D! If you see her, why not ask her about Open Mic at TU? She's leading that with her best friend this year and would love to see you there or at one of her shows!


Amanda is 17 years old and this is her first (and last) year in Vessels of GOLD. She interned with Vessels Vault for a year before joining and performing with them the previous school year. She loves her friends and family, personality tests, bullet journaling, picking locks, and reading. She hopes whatever career she chooses, she is able to draw closer to the Lord and honor Him, and also hopes that you enjoy the show and all the hard work she and her cast mates have put into it!


Ally loves singing, acting and writing. She is a published author and her favorite color is (hand sweep) shimmer aquamarine. She loves horses and  musicals.  Her favorite ice cream is strawberry, did you catch her character's favorite ice cream? She absolutely loves the show and can't wait to share it with all of you lovely people!


David Jordan is sixteen years old. He loves to dance and act, especially with Talents Unleashed. He had his debut in acting with Shakespeare Unleashed in 2017. This is his second year performing with Vessels of Gold. When not practicing some sort of drama he can be found walking around in the outdoors, hanging out with friends or playing his guitar.


Leor is 16 years old. He has done vessels for two years and hopes everyone will enjoy the show.


Owen Braniff is 17, and has been a part of Vessels of Gold for 5 years.  He is honored to be a part of this cast of amazing individuals, some new, some old.  He enjoys making music, drawing, painting, and doing anything with friends. Owen hopes you get the most out of this show, and thanks you for coming!