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The Vessels Vault of GOLD

Each year, the Vessels Vault takes a previously performed Vessels of GOLD show and brings it back to life.

In the fall semester, they rework songs and skits from the original show and perform it live.

In the spring, they take aspects of the original show and translate them to film.

Performers experience a regular live show season as well as a film production season,

with real world video editing, directing, and production experience.


What's the Commitment?

Vessels Vault meets every Thursday from

10:00am-2:30pm in fall and spring sessions with various performance opportunities and an end of year film screening.

Who Can Join?

Ages 12 through 18 are welcome to join!

coffee skit pics (56)_edited.jpg

How Much Is It?

Tuition is $95/month, with discounts available.  Click here for a full overview of group prices and available discounts.

How Can I Join?

A music and drama audition is required for this group. Check out our audition page for requirements and to contact us to schedule yours!

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