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Vessels of G.O.L.D.



Anjali Gonzalez

Anjali is 15 and is a new member of Vessels of GOLD. She was previously been a member of GOLD in Harmony. Anjali spends most of her time singing and acting. She comes from a large family of 7, has three dogs and a pet tortoise.

Joshua Bertrand

Josh is in Vessels of GOLD. This is his first year.


Emma Rodriguez

Emma is 17 years old and loves to dance, read, and hang out with her friends. She is a founding member of Gold in Harmony and Voices of Gold. She loves to laugh (very loudly) and make jokes. She is so excited to be a part of Vessels of Gold this year!

Michael Hernandez

Michael is 16 and this is his second year in Vessels. Michael has been a member of Chrysos, Vault, Acts of Gold, and was in a summer camp!


Grace Colvin

Grace is in her senior year in high school and is 17 years old. She’s grown up around the studio and has developed a love for performing!  In addition to Vessels she’s been a part of Chrysos, GOLD in Harmony, too many TU summer camps to count, and has directed Nuggets of GOLD. This is her 6th year with this group and she’s so proud of how hard everyone has worked.

Kaciah Jung

Kaciah is 17 years old and is in her senior year. She has been part of Talents Unleashed since 2015. For all that time, she has done a variety of things: dance classes, piano, voice, and guitar lessons, Chrysos, Vessels Vault, choir, several summer camps, and finally, this is her fourth and final year in Vessels of G.O.L.D! After graduation, she hopes to take the skills she's gained from working and performing at the studio and continue to study theatre at the college level.


Manuela Fraga

Manuela is 17 years old in her senior year with Classical Conversations.  When she's not doing school work she enjoys knitting, music, spending time with family, friends, and her dog Daisy.  This is her first year in Vessels of GOLD and has previously performed with GOLD in Harmony.  She hopes you enjoy the show!.

Oriana Medina

Oriana is 13 years old and this is her first year with Vessels of GOLD. She is in GOLD in Harmony, Vessels of GOLD, and Vessels Vault. She loves to read adventure and fantasy stories and loves dogs (especially poodles)!


Owen Braniff

Owen is 18, and has been a part of Vessels of GOLD for 7 years.  He is honored to be a part of this cast of amazing individuals, some new, some old.  He enjoys making music, drawing, painting, and doing anything with friends. 

Razeah Ganies

Razeah is 18 years old and this is her first year with Vessels of GOLD. She loves singing, writing stories, drawing, and bunnies! 


Seth Porch

Seth is 16 years old. This is his second year with VOG and his 6th year with Talents Unleashed. His hobbies include signing, acting, various sports and scuba diving. He is very excited to see the fruits of the blood, sweat and tears they’ve all shed to make this show, in other words he hopes you really enjoy the show!

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