TU Rates

About our Rates

Many of us are facing very hard decisions these days, especially financially. TU studio, as usual, has been operating on a bare-bones budget, especially the last couple of years after the shutdown. We are once again looking at our financial situation, as well as what we feel we have to offer families in our community.

From OUR point of view, what we do at Talents Unleashed is important to families for at least a few reasons. Although it’s not wrong to say we offer “musical theater,” “acting lessons,” “music classes,” etc., we strive to reach much deeper into your lives and experiences. We hope to create an atmosphere where families feel they can come for a positive experience in sharing creative ideas. We want to provide opportunities for your family to participate in the joys of the creative arts and grow together in a supportive environment.

With much prayer (and a little trepidation), we have the following details to announce: 

  • We will NOT be raising our rates for any of our performing groups or classes (see chart below).
  • We WILL continue to offer sibling discounts
  • We WILL continue to offer partial working scholarships, internships, events for the community and special opportunities for our (TU) community to share and serve (contact us for more info).
  • We WILL try to better communicate where we can use your help 
  • We WILL continue to implement the once/year family registration fee of $50, but it will not be linked to the music intensive. (That said, we will reiterate the great importance of reading music and sight-singing for EVERYONE, and we ask you to seriously consider taking the music intensive camp June 13-17. If you CAN’T attend due to a scheduling conflict, then please communicate blocks of time when you CAN so we can possibly schedule a second camp offering.)


We are maintaining the family cap of $200/month. Again, we want to keep our costs as low as possible, especially for people who are homeschooling. That said, if you are in the position to pay the full tuition amount without the family cap or discounts, we ask that you prayerfully consider the blessing that would be to us. We also invite you to share the opportunity to support our work with a commitment of as little as $5/month (one fancy drink or fast food sandwich). 

Tell your friends and family that they can become a Patron!

We hope this information is helpful as we move into our final week of auditions. Some groups will fill this week and we pray your name will be on our list!