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Why Won't They Go?

“Everybody loves a [piano, ballet, name it] recital.” Not. Who goes to those things? Parents and grandparents. Why? For the most part, love. Love of the student, and sometimes love of the art. So if you’re not a close family member, why are you getting invited to shows at Talents Unleashed? Because our shows are different. Yeah, right.

But they are! Take Aureus, for instance. As we go into our second (and final) weekend of shows, we find we have invited and begged and coerced everyone we know to come out and see what we’ve done together. There are no “stars” in this group. Some good singing and acting - and a LOT of entertainment that comes from every individual in this group contributing some of their own individual gifts and ideas, sanding out conflicting opinions, and practicing together to get it right.

What do you get out of it? An interactive, entertaining evening with your family and friends in an intimate environment where the performers are up close and personal. There are always surprises. What’s one of the biggest surprises for people who have never had this experience? Fun and joy. For two hours, you get to put aside some of the cares of the day - but not to just forget reality - but to bring balance to the realities of life with something good and wholesome. Yes, wholesome - does that sound as unappealing as processed meat? Then you need to do a self-check. Laughter does good like a medicine!

These people are just like you. And they have something to share. We use our God-given gifts and talents and we put together something new. You’re invited because we want to share the fun with you. It’s not a story you’ve ever heard before, and not something you’ve ever seen before. Why not find out what all the fuss is about?

Rehearsal pics - this is what it looks like...hard work and a lot of confusion!

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