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Nuggets of GOLD

 Cast members are exposed to beginner levels of music, drama, and dance! For most, this will be their first opportunity to be on stage. But we're not about creating little Broadway stars. Our purpose is to provide each and every performer the opportunity to grow their confidence as they learn to move, sing, and speak in front of an audience. 


What's the Commitment?

Nuggets of GOLD meets on Fridays from 1:30-3pm with a performance at the end of each semester.

Who Can Join?

Ages 6 through 9 are welcome to join!


How Much Is It?

Tuition is $60/month, with discounts available.  Click here for a full overview of group prices and available discounts.

How Can I Join?

Auditions are not required for this group, but opting to do a music/drama audition gives registration priority. Contact us to schedule an audition and/or join the group.

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