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GOLD Miners

Develop your portfolio with this unique internship opportunity!

As a part of this internship, our Miners will get the chance to explore graphic design,

merchandise design, social media marketing, content creation, photography, and video editing.

Choose an area to build experience in, or grow your skills across the board.

Work as part of our team and see what your strengths are as you gain real-world experience.


What's the Commitment?

GOLD Miners meets every week.

We split our work year with each new semester of the school year:



May-August (Flex Schedule)

Who Can Join?

Due to social media regulations, as well as our desire to care for the younger members of our community,

this internship is limited to those aged 14 and older.

Seminolepics 22 (199)_edited.jpg

How Much Is It?

No cost involved in this group. 

Click here for a full overview of group prices.

How Do I Join?

An interview is required to join. Contact us and schedule an interview.

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