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MerryGOLDs (ages 3-6)

What is MerryGOLDs?

MerryGOLDs is a play on the bright golden flower and the beautiful disposition of our young ones. Gold has unique qualities and is considered precious. Things made of gold are usually set aside for a special purpose. G.O.L.D. is also Growth Opportunities for Learning and Development. MerryGOLDs members are precious in every way. They are learning to develop their gifts and talents and share at every opportunity.

Our Nuggets of GOLD group is so popular that we need yet another group to meet the demands of our still younger students!


Who is MerryGOLDs?

MerryGOLD members are age 3-6. They meet weekly to learn, play, and sing together and help develop the basic skills that we use every day!

MerryGOLDs meet weekly on Fridays, 4-6 PM. Register by the month!

Please contact us for further information.