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Meet the Team


Studio Director, Founder

Debra Arce-Carr

Debra Arce-Carr received her AA in music from St. Petersburg College and her BA in Music Education from the University of Central Florida.  Her years of experience include church music work, in both English and Spanish, 40+ years of piano teaching, 20+ years of homeschooling, as well as being founder and director of Vessels of G.O.L.D., followed by summer camps and the Talents Unleashed studio. Since that time, Aureus, Chrysos, Vessels Vault, Nuggets of GOLD, GOLD in Harmony, Memories of GOLD, Acts of GOLD  and now GOLD in Motion and GOLD Miners have been added to the list. She currently offers private piano lessons and is now approved to take Gardiner Scholarship students.


Open Mic Nights, Chrysos Director

Kaciah Jung

Kaciah Jung has been a part of Talents Unleashed since 2015 and has loved every minute of it. Throughout the years, she has participated in guitar, piano, and voice lessons, Chrysos, Vessels Vault, and Vessels of GOLD, along with several summer camps. Kaciah has also been both assistant director and director for Chrysos, as well as assistant directing Nuggets of GOLD, and some summer camps. The past few years, she has also been emceeing Open Mic Night every month at Talents Unleashed. Her experience at Talents Unleashed has taught her many skills including scriptwriting, music reading, and several administration tasks. 

Michele Rothkopf Headshot_edited.jpg

Director, Memories of GOLD

Michele Rothkopf

Michele Rothkopf is the director of Memories of GOLD. She grew up in NY playing the flute in orchestras, bands, pit orchestras and the high school marching band. Music makes her very happy, and being a part of Memories of GOLD is deeply special to her. She loves how much joy it brings to the people in the audience and how it fosters connection BETWEEN people. Michele is a health and life coach and a former teacher and homeschooling mom who loves to hike in the mountains and waterfalls.


Accidental Techie

Michael Paredes

Oh, uh, hi! This peculiar fella is Michael Paredes, the accidental techie here at Talents Unleashed! He will often either be in the office working on the TU tech or on a stage wiggling and saying funny things. He was previously a performing member of Vessels of Gold for two years. He has been on Earth for 22 years and plans on continuing life here in human form. Peace to all!


Studio Co-Director

Emily Nunez Nelson

Emily Nelson was a performing member of Vessels of G.O.L.D. for 10 years before taking up the position of Assistant Director.  She then helped to found  Aureus Theater Group and has performed with them in five original productions.  She is currently the Co-Director and Head of Choreography for Vessels of G.O.L.D. and has had the honor of directing Chrysos in five wonderful productions over the past few years. Emily performed at the 2011 Miami Music Teachers Foundation Jazz Festival and 2011 MMTF Jazz Festival Honors recital and has received awards from the National Association of Teachers of Singing for her vocal performance. She currently offers private voice lessons in addition to her work at Talents Unleashed.


Director, Vessels Vault and Chrysos

Amanda Gonzalez

Amanda Gonzalez has been a part of Talents Unleashed since 2018. She performed in the Vessels Vault production of Hope, as well as being a founding member of Acts of GOLD. She was a 2020-2021 Vessels of G.O.L.D. performing cast member while simultaneously acting as assistant director to Vessels Vault. She has been directing Vault since 2021, and is currently co-directing Chrysos, and remains an active member of Gold Miners.


Director, Acts of GOLD

Amy Castro

Amy Castro has an immense passion for the arts, from sketching to playing guitar to filmmaking, but especially for stage theater. She loves collaborating with others to build on collective skills and showcase diverse talents through performance. She is grateful for the privilege to be a part of an environment that encourages kids to cultivate their talent and imagination through the arts.

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