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We have a home!

We are so very thrilled to let you know that we signed a lease yesterday (9/13)! There is much to be thankful with this property and we are anxious to share details as the moving process begins, and to share through hospitality a deeper experience and understanding of God's amazing creativity that He shares so abundantly with us. Each step continues to be a gentle lesson  as we rely on His gracious provision through so many of you. We were not able to go as frugally as we had originally hoped, but the Lord provided just enough so that we could see His perfect provision and yet be in a position of continuing to rely heavily on Him for each step moving forward. Thank you for your ongoing prayers and support!

What can you expect from our new home? 

We are so happy to have a space that will allow us so many new opportunities!

That being said, there are some opportunities no longer available to us, such as a performance space.

Yes, that means no black box theatre.

However, we plan to offer new and exciting features befitting the TU Casa name; dinners, reading rooms, crafting spaces, more intimate rehearsal spaces and lesson rooms.

There is much to look forward to and much to plan. Please stay tuned for all we will have to offer you soon!

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