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Jose Pomares

Joshua Bertrand

Joshua Bertrand has been a part of the talents unleashed community since 2018. This is his second year in Vessels Of Gold. He has been in Vessels Vault, Acts of Gold, and Gold In Motion.  He enjoys making things awkward for other people, playing instruments, characters that he comes up with, and drinking milk. He is "doing alright thank you" and hopes to hear your honest opinion on the show.


Emma Rodriguez

Emma is 18 years old and loves to dance, read, and hang out with her friends. She is a founding member of Gold in Harmony and Voices of Gold. She loves to laugh (very loudly) and make jokes. She is so excited to be a part of Vessels of Gold this year!

Michael Hernandez

Michael Hernandez is 17 years of age and currently beating the Junior level of high school. This is his 3rd year performing in Vessels and his 7th year annoying the cast. He hopes you enjoy the show!


Nicolas Pomares

Razeah Ganies

Razeah is 19 years old and this is her second year with Vessels of GOLD. She loves singing, writing stories, drawing, and bunnies! 


Rhiannah Ganies

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