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What is Chrysos? Chrysos (CREE-soahs) means "gold" in Greek. Gold has unique qualities and is considered precious.

Things made of gold are usually set aside for a special purpose.

Chrysos members are precious in every way. Still building their musical and theatrical confidence,

performers learn more complicated staging and choreography

and have opportunities to give feedback as their original show develops.


What's the Commitment?

Chrysos meets every Thursday from 4-6pm


Friday from 10am-12pm

with an end-of-season performance each semester

Who Can Join?

Ages 9 through 12 are welcome to join!


How Much Is It?

Tuition is $75/month, with discounts available.  Click here for a full overview of group prices and available discounts.

How Can I Join?

Auditions are not required for this group, but opting to do a music/drama audition gives registration priority. Contact us to schedule an audition and/or join the group.

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