That's a wrap!

The Aureus 2022 season and presentation of "Secret Lies" has come to a close! 

For a first look, here is a link to the livestream of our final show.  Please subscribe to our youtube channel for featured songs and shows from Aureus and other TU activities!


Aureus is a group of talented singers, actors and dancers whose goal is to perform entertaining and original shows, using songs from various artists, genres and periods; and an original full-length story, written by the performers themselves.


Previous shows include The Lost and the Lovely, Come and See and The Week's Beginning, The Week's End, Waiting, Cruise Control, and The Just Late Enough Show with Tommy Larson.

You must be 18+ years old and finished with high school to participate in Aureus. Please see our audition page or contact us for further information. 

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In summer of 2019,  Aureus travelled on a much-needed vacation. As always, the cast of quirky and relatable characters sang and danced their way through the story. We experienced their struggle between making the best out of their trip and keeping everything under the crew’s control. 

From our Summer 2018 Show:








Images from the 2017 Show Season...