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Acts of GOLD

Acts of Gold exposes students to the world of stage theater and the multifaceted art form that is acting.

They will be allowed to explore many genres, styles, and techniques -

from pantomime and improv exercises, to classic satire and drama.

Along with examining different elements of stage acting, students will be encouraged

to utilize their creativity and talents as they create their own scripts and sets.


What's the Commitment?

Acts of GOLD meets once a week in fall and spring sessions with various performance opportunities.

Who Can Join?

Ages 11 through 18 are welcome to join!

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How Much Is It?

Tuition is $75/month, with discounts available.  Click here for a full overview of group prices and available discounts.

How Can I Join?

A drama audition is required for this group. Check out our audition page for requirements and to contact us to schedule yours!

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