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Meet the Cast!

"Vessels Vault" was established in 2016 with a group of talented teens in order to re-introduce original musical shows from the Vessels of GOLD Vault of Treasures. Vessels of GOLD was established in 2001 and therefore has 20 years of shows that are worth showing to a broader audience.

Our programs have been developed around a theme each year by the collaboration of members and directors.

In this short time-span, media technology has expanded to the point that we will present and preserve our programs in a way that was previously not possible.


Vessels Vault is the perfect group for any teenage performer in the making!  Teens ages 12-16+ meet each Thursday, 10-2:30 throughout the school year. In the fall, they will work on selections that are best suited to public performances which will be presented in November and December. At the same time, they will start the process of learning, planning and developing their spring scene shoots as they take on roles of directing, videotaping, costuming, set designing, acting and more! So Vault members will get a complete taste of the process, how to do live performance, screen acting, and even editing in some cases.

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 Vault was amazingly fun and I got to learn so many things about theater, filming, and just music in general.

 I've watched my daughter's confidence level soar over the last three years and that is at least in part due to the influence and training provided by the Directors. They genuinely care for each student and they are worthy of emulating.

 Before joining Talents Unleashed (Vessels Vault specifically) I was very shy and not confident...joining this family has allowed be to mind a place where I feel accepted and at home...the memories I've made with this group will last we a lifetime, and I'm beyond thankful to the studio for giving me this opportunity.

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