2021-22 Registration


The studio re-opens officially for rehearsal groups and lessons on January 3.  Please be sure to note the start date for EACH group.

Below you will find a chart that outlines the cost/month of each group, and then how much an additional group or sibling will cost as you add on options. There is an option to pay through the end of the Spring 2022 season with a discount. The registration fee this year is $50/family. If there is anyone who wants to participate but has a financial hardship, we ask that you contact us directly, in writing, as there are some partial working scholarships available. We don't want anyone to not participate in anything we offer because of lack of funding.

ORIENTATIONS for new families will be offered on January 4 and 6. At least one parent from each family and all teens are expected to attend.

Also, If you haven't already, at least one family member will need to sign up on the website and be responsible for a once/day check on any update for your group once the season begins. We'll explain more at orientation.  PLEASE CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP FOR AN ORIENTATION DATE.

THE FIRST HOUR OF THE FIRST REHEARSAL OF EACH MONTH is a parent meeting (with some exceptions at the beginning of the season). It is not required, but intended to be helpful to you for interactive questions and input.



Merry GOLDs is a group class for 3-6 year olds that will meet on Fridays from 4-6 PM. They will be reading, playing games, learning a little bit about music, singing and fun movement! MerryGOLDs will be charged separately from the pricing scale below. $15 per class for the first child, $10 per class for a sibling. Signups are open at the beginning of each month: January, February and March.


This group for 6-9 year olds will meet on Wednesdays, 4-6 PM beginning January 5 (parents’ meeting 4-5).  Help us grow by spreading the word! Please hold March 20 for a show date and April 30 for an end-of-year show.


Chrysos is for 9-12 year olds and will meet on Fridays, 1-3 PM, beginning January 7 (parents’ meeting 1-2). Please hold March 20 for a show date and April 30 for an end-of-year show.


Please contact us if you're interested in this group. 


This show choir rehearses Mondays 4-6 with rehearsals resuming January 3. Please hold March 20 for a show date and know that there will be numerous opportunities for evening performances in the month of April.  This group will open in January but requires an audition. Please share this information with someone who has never heard of this group!


This group will re-open to 12-16 year olds in January as we move into the filming portion of our year. Age exceptions (as always) are made by request to the directors. This unique group meets Mondays, 10-2:30, with rehearsals resuming January 3. There is also a commitment to hold open the second Saturday of each month January through April. IF there is a date that you know is unavailable, we need to know this at the beginning of the year for planning purposes.  In the fall, this group learned music, dance and skits from a previous Vessels of GOLD production and presented live performances to the public. They have begun training and planning for video shoots of selected offerings from the same show to be done January through April. This training may include developing skills in photography, videography, lighting, costuming, make-up and editing as well as acting for film. This group is still open but requires an audition. 


This group is full and will perform throughout April, with extensive day and evening performances. Auditions for next fall will be held in May.


Please contact us if interested in this group. 


A Miner must be at least 14 to participate as this group will be actively working in social media, photography, videography, graphics and editing as we strive to better communicate the individual and group development taking place in our talented community. It may still be possible to join by request. This is considered an internship and  meets Friday mornings 10-12, resuming January 7.


This group is for all ages meets Sunday afternoons. Its purpose is to serve the community through song by reaching out to seniors, children, homeless, hospitalized, homebound and other underserved populations. Please spread the word to contact us for more information. 


This is offered for ALL ages that can sit through a 2-hour rehearsal. We meet Thursdays 6:30-8:30 resuming January 6.






Vessels VAULT/ of GOLD

(4 hrs/wk, 8 mos)

$90/ month

($720/ 2021-22 season)


+$65/ month


+$35/ month


GOLD in Harmony

(3 hrs/wk, 8 mos)

$70/ month

($560/ 2021-22 season)

GOLD in Harmony

+$55/ month

GOLD in Harmony

+$35/ month


($210/ FALL 2021 season)

(+$210/ SPRING 2022 season)


+$55/ month


+$35/ month





(2 hrs/wk, 4 mos)







Memories of GOLD


No charge


GOLD Miners internship

(8 months)

No charge



We are maintaining the family cap of $200/month. Again, it has been a tough year (or two?) for everyone and we want to keep our costs as low as possible. That said, if you are in the position to pay the full tuition amount without the family cap we ask that you prayerfully consider the blessing that would be to us. We also would remind you to share the opportunity to support our work with a commitment of as little as $5/month. Tell your friends and family that they can become a Patron!



Please use THIS FORM LINK (CLICK HERE) to register. We've tried to make it as easy as possible, but feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Without this form, you/your student will not be considered registered and a group could be cancelled due to lack of interest.

We are looking forward to starting a great year together! 

To review:

  • Sign up for an orientation.

  • Sign up for the website (if you haven't done so already).

  • Fill out a Registration form and pay the registration fee (if you're not taking the Music Intensive camp).

  • Tell someone about our great offerings*

  • Subscribe to our youtube channel*

  • Consider becoming a Patron and giving up a fancy coffee once/month*

*These will help us continue our work of offering something for everyone and keeping our costs as reasonable as possible.


Here is our date summary for general planning purposes. THIS IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE. 

For MOST up-to-date information, please use the website calendar. For PERFORMING GROUP up-to-date dates, you will need to be a website member to access the "back-end" calendar and receive timely notices.




December 20 - Studio Closed for two weeks

January 3 - everything resumes (Some groups open to new cast members) Classes begin

March 18-20 hold for NOG and Chrysos performances

(March 21-25 public school "spring break")

April 10-17 studio closed for Easter

April 30 tentative end-of-year show date TBD

Auditions open in May for all performing groups.

Watch for summer camp dates!

Aureus (for 18+) will perform the first two weeks of August.